Гражданско наблюдение на парламентарни избори 2016



16.02.2017 г.

Guided by the belief that the basic civil and political task of parties, institutions, NGOs and the media is to make  effort to contribute to fair, free and democratic elections, TI-Bulgaria  offers to political parties and coalitions registered in the elections for the 44th National Assembly to support 17 ANTI-CORRUPTION COMMITMENT fOR ELECTIONS 2017.

They will allow us to transfer the issue of corruption from the field overall returns to the pitch of the particular political and civil action to fight against corruption. We believe that the worth is going to say  ”stop” to:

  – “Dirty money” and “black boxes” in politics;
  – Realization of lobbying in the dark and without rules;
   -  Lack of a unified anti-corruption policy applies to all public authorities;
  –   Opaque appointments to key positions in the institutions;
  –   Lack of own ethical policy in the Bulgarian Parliament;
  -  Neglect of complaints of corruption and lack of effective protection of those who dare to report irregularities;
  -  Misuse of public funds and “European funds”;

We expect political parties and coalitions to join the initiative, such as:  include the proposed anti-corruption measures in the election program and take practical action on their implementation in the 44th National Assembly.

Commitments to Transparency International – Bulgaria

In response to public expectations for transparency and public scrutiny TI-Bulgaria takes continued commitment:

  - Actively to monitor the implementation of commitments under the mandate of the future National Assembly and to promptly inform the public and media for implementation.

In this regard we would be grateful if in the course of the election campaign provide us with information about the election program, including proposed measures to fight against corruption.